You were over 32 000 teachers to have used the 1st version of Creadoc in 2008

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You can preorder your Creadoc license directly from the Ulule platform.

There are 3 options :

If the minimum number of preorders has been reached, you will be one of the first to obtain the software and as a thank you, you will get an exclusif price ! (Discount is only available for 35 days, for the crowdfunding campaign)

If the minimum number of preorders has not been reached, then your preorder will be automatically cancelled by Ulule, and Creadoc’s release will be delayed by a few months at the most.

If we have exceeded the minimum number of preorders, then we will offer you some rewards (bonuses).These included bonuses are functions or services. We will unveil these bonuses depending on how well the Ulule campaign works out. 

Meaning that if more people help us with our project, we will be more likely to offer you new and exciting things in the future!

This new version of Creadoc has been under development for the last 3 years.
The software works but to officially open it, we need more resources and financial help.

We are currently 5 people working on Creadoc but that’s not enough !

We still need to do the following:

  • Add many more ressources
  • Create video tutorials
  • Translate the interface and all documentation
  • Create the website that presents the app


Once the tool is up and running:

  • Regularly develop new functions
  • Create new resources each month
  • Create a technical team to assist you & answer all of your questions
  • Set up webinars


We don’t « just » want to create a tool for teachers, we want to create a whole community around Creadoc to allow you to share, help each other out and give you many more resources !

It would perhaps have been more logical to start like other start-up, meaning raising funds from private investors.

However, this doesn’t match our initial approach, or our project philosophy.

Creadoc was developed by a small but passionate team, only driven by the need to create a truly useful & unique tool for teachers everywhere.

We do not want to only depend on profits.

We are a small team and company, we want to maintain our (creative) freedom, now and in the future.

Although, we also want to grow with our users, thanks to all of you !

By preordering your license today on the Ulule participative platform, you will be taking part in this adventure (with us) and giving us your support – allowing Creadoc to become even better !

Ulule is the first crowdfunding incubator for projects which have a positive impact. A community of some 3 million members, which funded close to 30,000 projects.

It’s celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

We wanted to partner up with a known and serious crowdfunding site, that’s why our clear choice was Ulule.

To find out more about Ulule click here.

Any help would (truly) be welcomed and the best way to do it is to help us get the word out about Creadoc.

It’s the only way to reach the minimum number of preorders so that we can bring the product to market.

To help us do this, you have 3 choices:

  • To share our participative campaign on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and/or on your blog if you have one.
  • To spread the word to your colleagues, friends & family.
  • To subscribe to our Facebook page.

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